Fluffy Day~

It was cute and sweet~

Sarah Rose ♥♪♫
Serene Flowers
"I always know that I will never win her heart...not in a million years. If letting her go to that bastard makes her happy, then I would be happy to do it so. Now, who says I'm the most selfish person in the world?"

Never mind that.

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This is a journal of a 17-year old girl who tries her best, but fails in the end. She will be an incoming sophomore in college by May, and she is, so far, surviving in her college life. Weird. Fun. Emotional. Bold. She likes writing crappy fanfics, but she tries to improve or so. She loves to take pictures of anything she likes.:D She loves Hetalia Axis Powers (especially the characters like Lovino Vargas and Vash Zwingli). :D
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